I am, amongst other things, a graphic designer and illustrator living and working in Wadawarrung Country (Geelong, Victoria).
I try to be honest and genuine with everything I do. 
I have always loved to create and want to share that love, in service to others.
People tell me that I’m passionate and hard-working, and have a keen eye for detail. 
I am a fast learner. I love learning new things, both about design and the world around me.
I am introspective by nature, gifting me with focus and a unique way of thinking. 
I always strive to be kind, patient and open with those I create with.
When I'm not drawing or designing something, I love to laugh with my beautiful partner and children, play music with friends, or just hang out with my bird.
Love wholly. Create freely. Express what matters. Honour the ideas I am gifted. Work hard. Give a damn. Be kind to myself and to others. Live in authenticity. Listen. Embrace guidance. Accept I know nothing. Accept my worth. Accept my flaws. Treat all as equally as I know how.
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